We seek fiction animated by music, up to ~9,000 words. But truly, we don't care about the man's definition of art!  If it grabs us, we won't stop reading because of some stupid stupid's rules.  Just so we're on the same page, please submit an accompanying artist's statement explaining how your work engages the world of music. See our Manifesto and previous issues to learn what we're looking for. We pay  $8 per page (12pt Times New Roman/double spaced) with a cap of $200 plus ten copies of your issue w/ 7" record. Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Expect a response time of no longer than three months from submission. No reprints please. 

What we're looking for is not always work explicitly dealing with music. We get a lot of "guy in a band" stories, and "I saw Hendrix in 69'" essays. We sometimes love those pieces, but it's an uphill battle due to the popularity of those tropes. A phrase that describes what we're after is "difficult connections with music." We encourage all submitters to peruse our archives to get a better feel for our scope and aesthetic.  That said, send us your best work and we will read it with open minds and gratutude. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.